User Interface Design

Everyone have navigated on a website, in the menu of an application or in the menu of the video game like the settings, and had positive thoughts about it, for example: “it very easy to use this app”, “I found really fast the setting I was looking for”, “The use of this app almost feels like something natural”. But there are also negative that frustrate us because we can’t do what we want with the application, for example: “I don’t understand how to use this app”, “I got lost in the navigation menu”, “I can’t find the setting I changed … Continue reading User Interface Design

Software Maintenace

Maintenance is a well-known concept, the general idea is to prevent things to stop doing what is supposed to do; this can be applied to everything, for example, we usually have the car to have maintenance so we can prevent future problems that will be more expensive than the maintenance. In software there is no difference, every program needs maintenance to prevent future problems, even if software is not a physical thing, is also a product that has a functionality, and because of that, is vulnerable to suffer malfunction with the time. Software maintenance is defined as the process of … Continue reading Software Maintenace

Software Implementation

Software implementation, ring any bells? It sounds like software deployment, one phase of software life-cycle, but the meaning is different. Software deployment and implementation are confused often because the meanings are similar when you think about having the user to use your software, for example, the argument of “people implementing your software for their use” is different than software implementation, but because of that, it can be confused with software deployment. The difference is that software deployment refers to all activities that make your software available for the user while software implementation refers to the activities that are made before … Continue reading Software Implementation